Moving inward and back out again, spirals represent birth and rebirth.....being, knowing and becoming.
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earthHeal Canada supports the work of developers of non-polluting, naturally restorative technologies through alliances, advovacy and awareness building.

The Centre for Implosion Research (CIR) is a leader in the exploration of technology that energizes, without adding pollutants and toxins, or depleting nature's resources.

earthHeal distributes and conducts field testing on the range of CIR's devices in North America. CIR's Original Vortex Energizer is the central component in earthHeal's research and outreach efforts into water.

For a list of CIR devices available for immediate delivery, duty free in North Ameriica a Product and Pricing List is provided. Note: prices are in Canadian funds. For currency conversions, shipping and related cost including volume discounts and custom orders contact earthHeal Canada.

In its role of "bringing water back to life and countering damaging electro-magnetic radiation" CIR embodies the findings and observations of the pioneers like Viktor Schauberger and others who respect what Nature has provided for us to use and develop.

CIR devices operate in harmony with the forces of the vortex and the spiraling nature of all energy. The company produces a series of devices conceived to counteract energetically "detrimental" forces (electromagnetic radition) while enabling an unending, "free" transfer of the universe's subtle energy to "lifeless" water and water-based plants, foods and all living things.

Case studies and testimonials that will appear on this site reflect the findings and trials we initiate in personal, residential and commericial applications and trials.

The Centre for Implosion Research conducts its own testing and outreach with investigators and end users around the world.

We invite you to conduct your own inquiries into the practical uses of these and similar technologies and to report your findings or questions to either or both organizations.