....they had a special purpose - to bring a healing message to the earth. They were.......

of earthHeal

The Children of earthHeal is conceived as an interactive, not for profit community for young people interested in water, the environment and helping others. It exists as a pilot project among dedicated educators, environmentalists, and organizations interested in sharing their positive-impact message to families and children.

The project speaks to the wishes, hopes and dreams of children, while seeking to provide a gentler, kinder learning and cooperation model for teachers and care givers to utilize in their work. Samples of youth-driven projects and experiments will be posted on this site as they are submitted.

Skywriter Communications, founder of earthHeal, is a broadcast and educational media producer with international experience working from the core belief that the key to learning is interaction among a community of interest.

The emerging plan for the Children of earthHeal is to build a community of youth, backed by educators, mentors, healers, other caregivers and business leaders who care about environmental truth in education and seek to develop outreach activities that share findings inspired by non-polluting, free energy techniques for the treatment and revitalization of fresh water and other living things from the perspective of interested youth.

It is hoped that a platform that encourages youth to learn, help others and interact with their natural world through positive-impact projects and resources for a healthier earth and social partnership will grow and prosper.

The complete project outline and a list of activities are available to download.

To apply for learning packages and sample devices for free energy testing and experimentation contact earthHeal Canada.

Pineway Public School - Total School Project, 2003