.....nature's healing way
The natural "revitalization" of water - the circular, spiraling, gently tumbling path that stream water takes on its way down a mountainside is how nature maintains and restores fresh water to its vitality as it was intended to be consumed.

This same spiraling movement is also an example of the "free" energy available to us if we look to nature for clues to replacing our "closed" view of energy with the more "open" patterns and movements of the sacred geometry and universal laws found in nature.

It is appropriate that water, the one element in nature so primal that even its sound is healing, should be the focal point for other healing concepts.

In fact, if allowed to behave as nature designed it, the minerals, salts and subtle energies that comprise health-giving fresh water are taken up and replenished in perfect balance as it naturally makes its way through unpolluted environments.

Today's drinking water no longer travels as nature intended it. It is no longer alive or health giving as it comes to us through taps, bottles, or filters. As we continually alter the landscape and pollute the air and land that fresh water must travels through it loses its ability to revitalize and provide life giving energy for other living things.

Modern "treatment" practices destroy the living quality of this most critical resource by removing beneficial elements in the attempt to make it "safe" while undermining water's own self-restorative abilities through indiscriminate filtration, chemical additives, transport and storage.

Alternatives that respect nature's self-healing, re-energizing ways exist and are available today if we will look to and rely on the ability of nature to inform by example.

In cultures and communities around the world, a growing number of individuals are applying their conscious intention and directing their energy toward altering the energetic makeup (quality) of a variety of fresh water sources.

Just as some are naturally gifted, or become trained in healing arts, some people appear to have manifested an ability to sense and redirect the vibrational frequency of dead, lifeless, or polluted water into pure, or at a minimum, purer water. This conscious ?raising? of the energy level (spirit) of the water appears to hold a key to enabling the self-healing, reenergizing properties inherent in all water.

For those struggling to understand, or are skeptical of this phenomenon, perhaps the simple example of a tuning fork that takes on the same tonal vibration of a neighbouring vibrating tuning fork without needing to come into physical contact with its neighbour (resonance) suggests how, in at least a physical manner, the same energy can be passed from one entity to another without physical contact.

Just how far-reaching this concept extends to the alteration of one form of energy by another is yet to be determined, but just as with many alternative health and free energy theories, evidence supports further study into the abilities of some people to affect a physical change in other objects through intention.

For those not yet able to access this ability within themselves, devices are becoming available to assist in the same way by holding and sharing vibrational energy and intention. earthHeal looks to profile and build awareness of these same devices through field trials and case studies.

earthHeal Canada is engaged in researching and promoting pioneering "aquatechnologies" from developers around the world. The aquatic links section of this site will continually bring forward organizations that are pioneering non-destructive, free energy-based technologies, working in harmony with nature's models and water's unique properties and qualities.

As case studies and testimonials that examine these technologies become available, earthHeal will post the findings and observations. Additionally, a reading list is offered to overview the research of scientists, researchers and writers on the subjects of water, health and wellness.