......its sparkle of life attracts us to the healing quality of water
water therapy
The unique properties of water have drawn humankind to seek it out for healing and restoration from the beginning of time. Whether "taking the waters" in mineral hot springs, or frequenting man-made spas and hot tubs, "hydro" therapy, or the use of water as a therapeutic aid is a well established protocol for physical and emotional wellness. But what of today's energetically depleted, filtered and chemically treated water for use in therapeutic environments? Can water that is subjected to denatured and toxic influences itself really offer vitality to other living things?

Free energy technologies conceived to revitalize, or re-energize water are ideal for self-contained hydrotherapy environments wherein the optimal environment for healing and restoration, without toxic chemicals and denatured water is desired. The Water Revitalization section on of this site offers a context that has special significance and application when considering immersing yourself, or others in a water environment intended to support wellness.

earthHeal is a proponent of revitalized water for good health and health-related therapies and hydration. Among the most energetically aligned therapies is a California-born protocol called Watsu® that captures water's ability to transfer energy while offering a therapeutic treatment in the comfort and support of an environment very much like a womb.

Finding yourself in water's embrace:- the spiritual possibilities of Watsu® ~Andrew Yavelow © 1999

Who are you? What is the essence of the soul you were born with? Why were you put in this body, on this planet? What is your highest purpose in life? How do you fit into the grand scheme of the universe? If you're interested in finding answers to these and other spiritual questions like them, you might try a new type of therapeutic bodywork called Watsu.®

® (whose name comes from (WAT)er shiat(SU) is, at its simplest level, a floating massage. With the help of the therapist, you float comfortably in a large pool of warm water while your muscles are massaged, your joints mobilized, tissues stretched, energy pathways opened, and your whole body is swished and swayed gently through the water. Most people find Watsu® to be blissfully relaxing. Physical therapists, massage therapists, and other bodywork practitioners all over the world use it for treating stress, chronic back pain, orthopedic problems, arthritis, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, and a host of other conditions.

So there is plenty to appreciate about Watsu® on a purely physical level. But one characteristic that makes Watsu stand out from massage and so many other forms of bodywork is that it gives you the opportunity to go beyond the physical. Because when the body relaxes so deeply, as it can in the warm weightlessness of Watsu, the mind can cease its chatter. And when the body and mind are quiet, what you're left with is the fundamental essence of your being. Your soul. Your spirit. The real you.

earthHeal supports the practice of Watsu® aquatic bodywork in addressing body, mind and spirit wellness through the healing powers of water. For those interested, information is available explaining this relatively new therapeutic protocol born of a marriage of Zen Shiatsu and water. You are directed to visit the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association web site www.waba.edu for further insights and links.

Among the leading aquatic body work modalities to emerge from the roots of Watsu® is Dolphin Dance www.aquaticdance.com. Dolphin Dance excels in uniting healing and movement arts in a creative and therapeutic blend. This beautiful modality best illustrates the adaptive nature of water applied to wellness.

Field trials are underway in Toronto, Canada and Sonoma County, California to sample and compare water revitilization devices and results in hydrotherapy environments ranging from natural hot springs to municipal tap water-filled pools. Findings suggest that anyone seeking the highest quality water, with no, or the lowest allowable* chemical content should investigate revitilizing and energizing technologies. Further studies in aquatic body work settings will follow and observations will be posted.

*Note: in public pools throughout the world municipal health regulations insist upon minimum chemical additives and/or mechanical filtration systems for the "control" of bacteria regardless of test results that indicate no need for these toxic chemicals.